Wednesday, 28 January 2015


This is our Erasmus+ mural with brochures, maps, guides and other informations about  participant cities and countries.


This week at spanish school we are doing an experiment: a group of pupils and teachers are sharing free hugs to everybody. This is another of our way to promove good feelings, quiet ambiance and equality in our school. And we can't forget that next January 30th (date of Gandhi's murder) is the International Day of Peace. 
Do you want a hug?

Pupils with posters announcing different kinds of hugs





Monday, 26 January 2015


Spanish pupils enjoying with all brochures, maps, guides, calendars... about your fantastic countries and cities. Thanks for share a little of you all. Now, you are a little closer to us.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

After the visit in Porto Recanati, Poland

Polish pupils were very excited to see all gifts and souvenirs from first visit in Porto Recanati. They were looking at them, touching and even smelling :)
They saw EQUALITY SONG and a presentation of Spanish school and they loooooved it! They want to learn it now!

Thank you again for all gifts, my dear partners. They made pupils to get to know your cities better.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


During the visit in Porto Recanati in Italy all coordinators had 4 project meetings.

1. The Polish coordinator Kasia Olczak explained some issues concerning money. The teachers had a discussion about ways of spending money and using them in a reasonable and cost-effective manner. We talked about a problem found in application form in F.2.3. Learning/Teaching?Training Activities. All doubts were expressed and cleared up. 
We had a videoconference with Marja Nelemans - the Dutch coordinator who assured us that the Dutch agency is working on the problem. 

2. Kasia Olczak explained the idea of preparing Equality lessons. We decided that first prepared scenarios of  lessons should be sent to partners till the end of FEBRUARY, and then all lessons should be conducted till the end of APRIL. Then all comments translated into English should be sent to partners and Kasia.

3. Kasia Olczak presented examples of pupils' projects - IDOLS PROJECT and GENDER PROJECTS. Every school will prepare at least one project about GENDER EQUALITY this semester ( dead line: June) and will present the results on the blog. 
IDOL PROJECT will present people from our countries who promote EQUALITY. The aim is to CREATE NEW IDOLS, to convict pupils that many of people in many countries fight for equality. 

GENDER PROJECTS - pupils will do their own researches and will make their own conclusions. The aim is to make them think, ask questions, see and at the end change attitudes. 

All partners will present their projects on a blog and the rest will comment on them. 

4. The teachers discussed about the need to put everything we do on a blog and comment it often. We decided to invite more people to the blog and give them the abillity to write comments. 

5. Guidelines/protocols from visits will be prepared by different participants. Kasia Olczak will do the first one to show others a model. 

6. EQUALITY newsletters will be prepared once a semester. First one will be done by Polish school by June. 

7. Every 2 months two schools will talk to each other during a videoconference and share their conclusions on the blog. the first "talks" will contain ice-breaking questions. We chose partners:




8. We worked on the GENDER PRE- TEST questions in international groups of teachers. The test will be taken by all participants of the project in FEBRUARY and then at the end of our first topic in May. All results will be published ob the blog.

9. We discussed the issue "How your curriculum gives equal opportunities?" The Slovak coordinator Vladimir Mosijenko showed a PP presentation about this topic. Kasia Olczak presented an example of comparative sheet concerning pupils' book.

10. The teachers prepared surveys: "Expectations of the project for teachers and pupils". It will be done in every school in February.

11. The teachers decided how to organise Logo competition. 3 logos of each country will be sent to Carlos in jpg format. He will prepare a page on a blog. From each country 100 pupils will vote for their favourite logo. They can not vote for logos of their own country. 

12. After every visit teachers should make a film or presentation with pictures and show it to all pupils and teachers in their schools

13. Teachers disscussed a selection procedure for pupils to go for a visit.

14. Kasia Olczak had a little speach about EU comission documents concerning equality issues. 

15. Teachers discussed about evaluation tools for a project, Kasia Olczak reminded Slovak school about making evaluation reports, Turkish school about comparision of ideas and ways of teaching equality topics from East and West Europe, everybody - every half a year- evaluation of expected impact.  

16. Teachers designed "Lesson evaluation sheet", comparative sheet, "after visit evaluation sheet"

17. Turkish teacher Belgin Saka gave the lecture about using eTwinning space. 

18. Kasia Olczak explained the idea of SUB-PROJECTS on eTwinning. We decided to do them at least once a project. 

19. Dutch team presented ideas about the next visit in Holland. We decided the date: 25-30 May 2015.  

20. We changed the sequence of visits for many reasons. 

January 2015 - Italy

May 2015 - Holland

October 2015 - Slovakia

Spring 2016 - Spain

October 2016 - Poland

Spring 2017 - Turkey

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

First visit work presentation, POLAND

 This is the presentation about the main problems concerning the beginning of the work in a project made by Kasia Olczak.


We celebrate our Independence Day on 11 November. It is to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic  in 1918, after 123 years of partition   by the Russian Empire , the Kingdom of Prussia  and the Habsburg Empire . It is a non-working day   in Poland.
Here are some pictures of our school celebrations. 


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