I am Carla Stella. I am primary teacher at Istituto Comprensivo "E.Medi" in Porto Recanati , Italy. I am teaching in a fifth class, that is also the last one of primary school. In my class there are 20 pupils. I am with them from the first class and I saw them growing and improving in each subject. I teach maths, science, PHE and english. I like sharing with teachers of other countries too. I am eTwinning Ambassador. I like ICT. I am European Programs coordinator . 
Greetings from Italy!



I am K.Belgin Saka Üstünel.I am an ICT teacher and European Programs Coordinator at Yeni Turan primary school in Ankara, Turkey and formator at my school and I teach basic ICT information from diffrent levels at different schools in my province. Our school is in the city center. Our students are aged from 5 to 10.We have approximately 750 students. I am one of pilot teachers iTEC project that is supported by European Schoolnet for designing the future classrooms. I am also an ewtinning project expert. I have been cooperating with European teachers through etwinning projects and my fifteen etwinning projects are awarded with European Quality labels. I was invited to eTwinning Conference in Lisbon in March, 2013 for receive the award.
Greetings from Turkey!


I'm Carlos Fernández, primary teacher at CEIP Ramón Laporta, in Valencia, Spain.
At the present I teach to 6thA, a group formed by 17 students aged between 11-12 years.
I teach Spanish and Valencian language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Arts and Music.
I'm specialist of french language, Teacher's Learning Coordinator... and European Programs Coordinator.
A lot of work that I try to do in the best way possible.
Greetings from Spain!


Hi, I´m Vladimir Mosijenko, an English and Russian teacher at the Primary School Pri Podlužianke 6 in Levice, Slovakia.  I´ve been teaching for more than 20 years and as time flows I love my job more and more. Especially teaching younger children makes me happy and enthusiastic. Taking part in projects enriches my professional and personal life, that´s why I participate the international Erasmus+ project "Equality. Under the same sky.."

Hi, my name is Kasia Olczak and I am primary school teacher from Łódź, Poland. I teach Polish language and I love it very much. Teaching kids gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction. I was the coordinator of 2 Comenius projects "Listening to the voices..." and "U-Knight Europe" - which received "Star project" label in 2013. I was always fascinated by the idea of Equality, so I graduated  "Gender studies" in Lódź University and created this "Under the same sky" project. 
I love reading books and going to the cinema. I like meeting new friends and dancing. I'm interested in coaching and minimalism. 
I would like to be the best teacher in the world :)

Hi, my name is Jacomijn Dijkstra.
I'm a primary school teacher at De Regenboog in Voorhout, Holland. I teach all subjects and love being a teacher. My favourite subjects are English, handcraft, math and Dutch language. I don't have a favourite year to teach because I like the kids of all years of our school. At this moment I'm teaching year 7 and my pupils are 10-12 years of age.
Erasmus+ is my first international project and I like it very much. I love being in contact with people in other countries and learn other ways of teaching from them.
I like to play the guitar, read books, do creative things and meet new friends.

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