Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dear reader(s),

Here some first information about PCBS De Regenboog (PCBS The Rainbow) in The Netherlands.
We are very pleased to contribute in the Erasmus+ project with all of you.
We just had an action called 'Kinderpostzegels'. It's an action where children all over The Netherlands try to sell 'Child welfare stamps'. The profit of this action will go to children in need all over the world. I think this action matches one of our goals 'equality for all'... :-) Below a video we made at the start of the action!
Also we started with designing a logo for the project. In the next update I will post some final results!



  1. Hey Maurice!
    This is great!!! I'll show the film to my kids tomorrow, I think they'll love it!
    All the best from Poland!

  2. Ok, Maurice; we are very happy to meet you all in this space! Your action 'Kinderpostzegels' looks very interesting and the video is great.
    Greetings from Spain for all students, teachers and staff of your school!


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