Saturday, 6 December 2014


Friday we did a special activity and a nice meeting at school. Our ancient pupil Alejandro Resta, an handicapped boy, gave us a great lesson about how to manage yourself in spite our limitations and problems. He teaches us that our limitations shouldn't be an impediment for our targets and aims but we should to search our own way to manage our life, searching alternatives to the problems that life present us.
No doubt, a great lesson, the best lesson, without books!
I think it's a great example and interesting activity for our EQUALITY PROJECT.

Alejandro explained that is necessary to go forward always, don't mind difficulties, always forward with the help of family and friends. But, attention, really friends! Few friends but very sincerely friends.

The pupils did some questions to Alejandro for know more things about him. He explained us what are his best memories to the school: Christmas concerts, when he disguised of Flintstones, the times at the school canteen...

At the end, all pupils wanted to hug and thank Alejandro his visit and words. It was very emotive!

Thanks a lot, Alejandro.

Some moments of Alejandro's speech.

Profesor of Sport Javier Babiloni delivers a Diploma to Alejandro Resta

All children want to hug Alejandro

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  1. Wow, that's a great idea! EQUALITY in the best sense! Good job, Carlos! Kisses for Alejandro!!!


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