Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Slovak lesson about refugees

kladná škola Pri Podlužianke 6 , Levice, 93401
Subject:  Slovak
Pupils: 11-12 y.o.
Time: 1 lesson (60 min.)
Autor: Mgr. Tímea Nyúl

Theme: Equality for refugees
Key questions: Who are refugees? Why do they have to flee? Where can  they come  from? How do people live in countries where there is war? Do they have right to flee their countries? Do European countrie have to except refugees? What rights do refugees have?
1.     Motivation.
Power Point Presentation
Discussion about the main idea: What is the refugees life? Slide 1
Watch the video and try to get the countries where refugees are from.  Slide 3
2 . Activity: work in 4 groups, write down what you think the differences are between refugees and immigrants.   Slide 4
      He is forced to leave his country.
      His life is in danger.
      He sometimes has to leave his family.
      He lives in refugee camps sometimes for years.
      He leaves the country without any hope to return one day.
      He can carefully plan to leave his country.
      He is safe at home.
      He can take his family with him.
      He seeks a new home because of financial and social reasons and hope for  better life. 
      He can go home to visit the rest of the family.
Compare the notes in the class.
3.  Refugees in the past slide 5  Who were the first refugees and why did they have to leave their countries? When did have to people flee from Europe? Who were they?
1.People left their countries because of religious differences.
2. During WWII. Jews fled from the Nazis in Germany.
3.After WWII. Germans fled from East to West Germany – political opinions.
4 1968- Czechoslovakia Prague Spring – unsuccessful try to change the political system.  
5. 1988-89 – Europe – Kosovo – civil war.
 4. Activity: pair work slide 7
Choose the countries refugees can come from.  Check your ideas
5. Imagine a day in a refugee camp.  Compare it with yours. 
Activity: group work slide 9
Where are refugee camps in Slovakia? Slide  10
6. Watch the video – slide 11. Discuss it
7. What are the refugees rights?  Be familiar with the expression:
„Seek asylum“
United Nations  - Geneva Convention Status of Refugees  1951
8. Activity – make a poster inviting people to help refugees.
Main idea:
Equality for everybody, even for refugees.  Respect, regard, mutual assistance and collaboration of all 
Lesson evaluation: guidance of opinions, praise, positive assessment.



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